Myths Which Are Prevailing About Skin Care

Skincare today has been a very big concern for everyone and with the availability of a large number of skin care products and treatments, skin care has become pretty much easy.

But the major drawback of having a large number of products and treatments is that it becomes difficult to figure out which one is truly beneficial for skin.

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So here are some common misconceptions about skin care which still prevail today.

Myth: Tanning Booths Are Safe As Long As They Don’t Contain Any UVB Rays

We all know sun tanning is pretty much unhealthy and may also lead to skin cancer and premature aging. But talking about tanning booths, they are considered safe as they filter out sunburn UVB rays. But dermatologists state that going to tanning booth also exposes your skin to UVA ray which deeply penetrate your skin and causes major damage to your skin.

Myth: The Higher The SPF, The Better Protection

There are majorly 3 types of UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. Among them, UVB and UVA rays are considered to be harmful for the skin as they penetrate the skin very deeply and cause some major damages.

SPF on the sunscreen majorly refers to the amount of protection it will provide against UVB rays. But this doesn’t mean that a higher SPF sunscreen will provide more protection. A study says that an SPF 30 sunscreen blocks half the radiation compared to that of an SPF 15 sunscreen. So it is not necessary that higher SPF sunscreens will provide greater protection than one which is low in SPF.

So the bottom line is that for taking a good care of your skin, it is advisable that you stay away from the sun and use a good sunscreen.


How Beneficial Is Record Management System Today ?

Record management system caters a large number benefits such as ensuring regulatory compliance, better traceability and improving efficiency. This also allows companies to make sure that its members have a full access to accurate information in cost-effective and timely manner.

Here are some of the major benefits of having a good record management system in your company.

Control The Generation And Growth Of Records

Though people are leaning more and more towards electronic files, but the use of paper files in the companies has not decreased. Adopting a record management system can help an organization in controlling the creation of records and retain only those which are really required. This helps in controlling the growth of records and reduce the required storage space.

Effectively Retrieve and Dispose Records

With physical files, there are chances that it may get misplaced which can prove to be a time-consuming task when you really need it. But this is not the scenario  with record management system, by using it you can easily find misfiled records. It also helps in effectively disposing of past records.

Assimilate New Record Management Technologies

Investing in a new record management software can prove to be vital for companies who cater a physical record management system. An effective record management system can be easily synchronized with an existing records management system and make it pretty stronger.

Minimize Litigation Risks

Using a record management system can help in reducing the risks which are associated with litigation and potential penalties. A perfectly planned and executed record management system can prove to be vital in reducing liabilities with respect to document disposal.

In short, it can be said that if a company wishes to have happy and satisfied customers then it is a must that they have an effective record management system.